Major League Blackjack by Alex Trump If you love the game of Baseball, you will love Alex Trump's revolutionary new Blackjack strategy, which uses the rules of Baseball to play 21. Not since card counting was introduced to the game, has there been such a shift in how Blackjack is played. The Major League Blackjack system is easy to learn, easy to understand, automates your betting strategy and takes all the guess work out of play. Major League Blackjack does not involve card counting methods of any kind and simplifies Blackjack in a format that will change the way you play the game forever.

This book comes complete with Blackjack basic rules and advanced strategy charts, so no prior experience is necessary in order to understand the MLBJ strategy. Also included are MLBJ Score Cards to keep track of your games pitch by pitch! Major League Blackjack is a must read for Blackjack players at all levels. For the price of a minimum bet at a casino, you can join the Major League Blackjack Revolution today!

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Major League Blackjack Scorecards

Major League Blackjack: Scorecards

Baseball scorekeeping is the practice of recording the details of a baseball game as it unfolds. Professional baseball leagues hire official scorers to keep an official record of each game (from which a box score can be generated), but many fans keep score as well for their own enjoyment. Scorekeeping is usually done on a printed scorecard and, while official scorers must adhere precisely to one of the few different scorekeeping notations, most fans exercise some amount of creativity and adopt their own symbols and styles.

Scorekeeping in Major League Blackjack is essential to each player learning the MLBJ strategy. Keeping track of your play "pitch by pitch" will help you become a disciplined player and show you the importance of this strategy and it's money management system. Good practice habits lead to consistently good play, which will translate into more wins. This scoreekeeping book features larger print and enough scorecards to play an entire 168 game season. You must practice at home before going to the casino's. The MLBJ Scorekeeping book is a must.